Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Thanksgiving Trip

This was not all the yummy desserts. We had an overflow to another table.

Story time.

Hustle and bustle to prepare the feast!

Carving the turkey. 

My cherry pie made it safely on our trip. 

Horse rides anyone? 

Kathryn waiting her turn with Grammie.


Compa had the little boys make a bench for the ladies
to sit on while they watched the horse riding.

Of course lots of volleyball.

Friday morning breakfast tradition of Apple pie and ice cream.

I didn't get any pictures but a few of us had great success at half off 
Texas thrift shopping for most the day.

Getting ready for church.

Lots of lovely ladies. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Beginning of November

Pop Pop's Birthday!!! 

Floor mopping time!

Emmaline trying to ride the horse. :)

A fun little package I received for creating a baby
 registry so I could remember a few things.

Baking day!

My new swing Nathaniel built for my birthday present.

It holds plenty of people and very well made.

2017 Family Picture

A few pictures Deborah took of us last month.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Story time with Uncle Andrew.

Fun after a nice bath

Loving the weather for long sleeves!

Big girl putting on her own boots.

My sweet man took me on a date to see 
our neighbor run a drag race.

Lots of playing at the park this past month with the 
weather being so nice.

I love Trader Joe's inexpensive flower bouquets.

First pony tails for Emmaline!!

A rare afternoon when my little one needed me to
hold her for a nap. I think she's getting a little cold.

Kathryn says " Me, Kathryn clean up Emma's messes" :)

Attempting to wash dishes for me.
(I had to rewash them after she finished but hopefully 
with more practice and a few more years I will have a dishwasher. :)

The weekend before my birthday my unmarried siblings and 
Mommy came and stayed with us.

I did't get many pictures but we had fun going to 
the park and some antique shopping while the 
boys were hauling a vehicle.

Walmart shopping Kathryn loved trying on the silly masks.

New books to look at from the library.

Found them matching outfits.

A visit from T &E and E&B this past weekend.

Stephen looks outnumbered. :)

Lots of little girl cousins.

At our friends wedding Kathryn asked me to take her

Playing dress up with Daddy.