Wednesday, August 9, 2017

No Posts For A Bit

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Due to a broken laptop that has all my pictures on it (The hard drive went out)
It will be a few weeks before I can post again. 

Sorry. :/

Pregnancy update,- I'm 14 weeks along today in my second trimester

We got to hear the heartbeat last week. It was so precious and exciting to know it's actually there.
As far as morning sickness and exhaustion It's slowly getting better.

That's all for now!

Friday, July 14, 2017



Kathryn's first french braid!

Received my t-shirt for walking 100 miles.

Out on a special date for our 3rd year anniversary.

This girl has funny ways to ride in the stroller sometimes. :)


Baby #3 is on the way!!
Due in early February.

Please pray for strength and energy for me as I'm still dealing with 
morning sickness and exhaustion right now.

In Which We Take A Unexpected Trip

Nathaniel was told he had an extra day off so we decided to pack up 
and go down south to tell everyone special announcement. :)

Travis made Kathryn's day by letting her ride his horse.

So wonderful to see Elisha holding her very own baby.

Lots of helpers when it comes to washing dishes.

Girls eating breakfast before riding on the republican party 
float Kandace out together.

We had such fun throwing out candy. 
The truck was decorated really neat but sadly I did not get a picture. 

We headed home after the parade. Sorry I didn't get more pictures
It's kinda hard to now that my hands are full most the time, :)

Tractor Pull

Just Nathaniel and I went on a date to the tractor pull!!!

The whole event ended in a thunder storm with everyone running to their vehicles. :)
It was quite funny and very memorable. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Kathryn's 2nd Birthday

Deborah did another lovely job on a photo shoot 

Took a few meals to M family to welcome there new addition to the family.
Peter Clyde!

Kathryn so enjoyed holding him.
I think she needs another baby to hold at our house.:)

She got to ride a horse too!

The girls LOVED these balloons.

Nathaniel finished the special day with a few fireworks.